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Search engine marketing includes two main aspects of marketing efforts that attempt to gain either brand impression or actual visitors to the pages of your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Silverleaf's search engine optimization team is knowledgeable and experienced in how the search engines scan and rank web pages and will give your pages the maximum advantage in procuring the highest possible position in a search engine's natural (or "organic") results. Click here to learn more about the search engine optimization services from Silverleaf.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising

Silverleaf's pay-per-click consultants will help you to monitor and adjust the performance of your online advertising dollars, helping to ensure that you are not only getting high click-throughs ("ctr" - click-through-ratio), but also that once these (possibly) high cost-of-acquisition website visitors are getting to your site, that they are staying, and, hopefully, buying what you have to offer. Click here to learn more about the pay-per-click advertising services from Silverleaf.

Content Optimization

What we're really offering you here is "content optimization" for your website, to help ensure both that search engines are aware of the relevance of your web page's content, and ensuring that the visitors to your website are highly qualified leads that lend to the best possible return-on-investment of your online marketing dollars.

Learn more about our search engine optimization (seo) and pay-per-click (ppc) services and free tools.