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Easy Content Editing Design/Content Separation Users / Groups / Permissions Powerful Modules & Widgets
Content Scheduling Full Data Redundancy Low Cost of Ownership
Flexible Document Workflows Full Version Histories Performance & Scalability Real-time Traffic Analytics

Features List

Easy Content Editing

You can manage your entire website, from design to content, via the web using any modern standards-compliant web browser.

If you can type a memo, you can edit a web page. Absolutely no HTML knowledge is required.  One of our best features is how seamlessly our content management tools integrate into your website, allowing you to make changes to the content as you browse through your website!

Even our design tools, file management and other back-end functionality is all managed via a clean, simple, and intuitive web interface. That means you can make any change you need to make to your website at any time from anywhere in the world!

Content Separation

Because the content on your website is stored separately from the design of your website, updating the look-and-feel of your website has never been easier. You can even browse through your existing live website using a different skin (collection of design/layout templates), and if you're happy with the way everything looks, switching your live site to the new design is only a mouse-click away!

Users / Groups / Permissions

Silverleaf CMS features advanced users, groups and permissions which allow you to have tight control over who can see or change what on your website.  "Read", "Modify", "Delete", and "Add" permissions can be set per page, per directory, or even per module. Permissions are not simply limited to content creators, editors, or publishers, but can be setup for ANY visitor the the website. For example, to exclude non-registered website visitors from accessing content in the "employees" directory on your website, you'd setup a permissions rule denying "Read" permission for that directory to members of the "Everyone" group, then add "Read" permission for group members that you want to allow.

Powerful Modules

We have all of the most commonly desired features available to you, included in your monthly hosting package at no additional charge. Some of these modules include:

  • News (Press Releases)
  • Calendars
  • Media Galleries
  • Appointment Scheduler
  • Forms Manager (User Registration, Contact Request, etc.)
  • Blog

The best part is that there is absolutely NO programming involved in implementing any of these features into the pages of your website.  Just a few settings on the back-end in the administrative consoles, and then you just place some Widgets on your templates, and you're ready!


Widgets are customizable components that provide a visual interface to the data in our modules. All widgets easily integrate into web page templates and their appearance can be completely customized to match your web site using CSS.

We also have widgets to allow you to display content from other websites. Got a account? Use our Flickr Widget to display your Flickr Photostream on one of your pages! Got a account? Use our Twitter Widget to display your most recent Tweets!

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

Even if you're a company with a well-known brand, most people who are looking for you on the web will start with a search for your name or product on Google, which underlines the importance of ensuring that your website is as search engine friendly as possible. Not only that, but you need to make sure that people are finding you in the search engines when they don't even know who you are!

Aside from our very talented SEO consulting services, we provide you with many free tools and features to help you to improve your site's ranking in search engines.

Our tools include the ability to quickly and easily see and define your meta tags for each page - certain modules will even populate your meta tags automatically. We also have convenient tools for giving you things like "keyword density analysis", which can be very telling to see that a page you think is about one thing turns out to mention that thing only once or twice!

Content Scheduling

Suppose you have a web page that you only want available during a special promotion. All you have to do is create your page and then set the Scheduling as needed. You can set a simple "go live" date when the page will become available, or you can set an "expire" date when you want the page to become unavailable (the page is still available to you, it just won't be visible to the public). Or you can even set a date range between two dates that you want that page to be available during. The system will automatically make that page available when it needs to be, and will make it unavailable when it expires.

Full Data Redundancy

While we use fully redundant hardware throughout our enterprise, and keep complete histories of all editable content regions of your site, keeping backups of your files and database information is still an option for those who want or need to truly cover every aspect of disaster recovery.

That's why we offer backup and restore services for your data for an additional monthly charge. The monthly rates depend on the volume of data, the frequency of the backups, and how long you want the backups to remain available. There is also a per-instance fee for the service of actually restoring your site and data from a backup copy.

Please speak with a customer service representative about these fees and the available options if this is something you are interested in.

Low Cost of Ownership

Silverleaf CMS has one of the lowest overall cost of ownership per user of any web content management system in its class. In fact, we don't even have a per-user license model. Our pricing is based solely on the resources that your website uses: storage space, bandwidth, virtual-server-units. Our basic package provides enough resources for 99% of all of our customers websites' needs, with additional resources available at a minimal cost when needed.

Flexible Document Workflows

Silverleaf CMS features a powerful document workflow engine that allows you to have as many content contributors, content editors, and publishers as you need, with notifications for when any document requires review, approval, or publishing. through our advanced User/Group Permissions module, you can easily grant or deny any group permission to create, approve, or publish content.

Full Version Histories

Silverleaf CMS keeps a complete history of every change made to any page definition or editable content region. That means you can easily see who created, modified, approved, and/or published any content, and you can even roll-back any content at any time to an earlier version with a single click!

Performance & Scalability

With all of the many great features that Silverleaf web hosting has to offer, picking the most impressive is a daunting task. But one of the best features has got to be how performance and scalability are built-in to every single hosting account.

Cloud Hosting

We use a concept called "cloud hosting" to manage all of our hosting accounts. To put it in simple terms, that means that your website actually exists in many different computers. We have a group of computers that handle the database functionality, a group of computers that handle the file storage requirements, and a group of computers that process and deliver the web page requests. This arrangement of the processing allows us to leverage our resources in the most economical and efficient manner possible. It also gives us two additional tremendous benefits: redundancy and scalability.


Every step of our hosting platform has 100% redundancy.  All of the hard drives that store your data and run our servers use mirrored arrays (sometimes they are complex, multi-tiered arrays, but they always provide 100% redundancy at a minimum). And any web server in our system can respond to requests for any website hosted by our system, just as any database server can handle requests for data for any website. (Okay, we actually use multiple clouds for optimum performance, but it's an easier concept to grasp if we limit our discussion to a single server cloud.)


The second benefit that this "cloud hosting" arrangement gives us is that we can add or remove servers from these "clouds" at any time. When we see that the load on our web servers is reaching too high a threshold, or if one server goes down for some reason, we add another server and redistribute the load. What this means to you is that you will never have to worry about upgrading your hardware or moving to a new server. If your website is as successful as you and we both hope it will be, you will simply, automatically, and seamlessly be given greater resources to handle this increase in demand, and your account will simply be billed for the additional bandwidth, storage space, and processing as required. (And if you have a limited budget or don't want to pay for additional resources, your account will simply be moderated - meaning your website visitors will receive a message like, "Website temporarily unavailable due to high demand.")

Real-time Traffic Analysis

Silverleaf CMS includes real-time website traffic analysis tools and reports that give you business-critical information you need, like:

  • How many visitors have we had today?
  • Where did they come from?
  • What are they looking at?
  • How long do they stay on my website?
  • What keywords are they using to find my website?